At Five Peaks Capital, we take pride in being small giants in the commercial private lending industry. Our streamlined structure ensures that there are only two levels between the broker and an approval, allowing for a more efficient and effective lending process. We firmly believe in taking a common sense approach to private lending and always strive to find solutions that work for all parties involved. If a deal makes sense, we can generally structure a solution that works for both brokers and investors. Our focus is on building long-term relationships with brokers and brokerages by providing them with outstanding service and tailored lending solutions that meet their clientele’s unique needs.


Given the complex and unique nature of commercial financing, there are no hard and fast guidelines that can be applied across all deals. For example, while a traditional 75% loan-to-value (LTV) ratio may be appropriate for one deal, another deal with the same type of asset may require a lower or higher LTV, depending on the specific circumstances. Therefore, it is essential that any deal submitted provides a complete and concise picture of the situation. While equity in the real estate is certainly a factor, we consider the overall merits of the deal, with the use of funds, exit strategy, and sponsor support being equally, if not more, important than the collateral. We prioritize deals with clear and defined exit strategies within 12 months, but we remain open to considering longer-term holds that align with our investment criteria. Ultimately, our focus is on finding and supporting deals that promote financial stability and growth for all parties involved.

Deal Submission Guidelines

At Five Peaks, we are committed to providing the best possible service and solutions to our clients. To help us help you, we ask that you provide us with the following information when submitting a deal:
Clearly outline what the funds will be used for and why they are required now.
Provide details of the property securing the request, including an appraisal “as-is” with recent and relevant comparables.
Include background information on the borrower, such as historical and projected cash flow for owner-operators, rent roll and cash flow for investment properties, and previous development experience and other ongoing developments for development properties.
Tell us about the personal guarantors, including their personal net worth and ability to make payments if required.
Provide a clear exit strategy, whether it's through traditional bank financing, the sale of this or another property, or another means. Be specific and transparent. If an exit is not likely within 12 months, tell us the reason and we will see if it is something we can entertain.
By providing us with this information upfront, we can assess your deal more efficiently and accurately, and work with you to structure a solution that works for everyone involved.

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